06.05.2018 - [NCKS]

The 4th Annual NPL-TVC State Line All-Star Volleyball Match will be held on Friday at Rock Hills High School in Mankato.  First serve will be at 6:00 for the match.

Rosters for the NPL can be found below:

NPL All-Star Volleyball Roster


The 4th Annual NPL/TVC State Line All-Star Basketball and Volleyball games will take place the next two weekends at Rock Hills High School in Mankato.

The All-Star Basketball Games will be on Saturday, June 2nd with the Girls game at 3:00 and the Boys to follow at 5:00 p.m.  The All-Star Volleyball Game will be at 6:00 on Friday, June 8th.

Rosters for the games can be found below.

NPL All-Star Basketball Rosters

NPL All-Star Volleyball Roster