04.04.2019 - [NCKS]

Beloit Juniors Creighton Johnson & Jessica Meier have been named the Telephone and Cable Athletes of the Week.

Both athletes claimed individual overall championships at the 3A State Powerlifting Meet this past Saturday in Halstead.

Johnson took home first place in the men's 242# division, claiming individual titles in all three events.  He had a lift of 315# in the bench, 450# in the squat and 330# in the clean, finishing with a total of 1.095 lbs lifted.

Meier was the champion in the women's 132# division.  She finished first place in the clean with a lift of 175#.  She also finished second in the bench at 115# and second in the squat with a lift of 230#.  She total 520 lbs lifted for the overall title.

We will announce the winners each week. Remember, you can nominate an athlete from any school sport.