09.30.2019 - [NCKS]

Lakeside sophomores Kylan Cunningham and Jace Schoen have been named the Telephone and Cable Athletes of the Week.

Both players were instrumental in Lakeside's 62-26 home-opening win over Linn on Friday night.

Cunningham completed 83% of his passes, going 10-12 for 289 yards and 6 touchdowns through the air and addin a TD on the ground.  He has thrown for 385 yards in his first three games as a starting quarterback at the varsity level.

Schoen led the team in receiving with seven catches for 287 yards, an average of 41 yards per catch.  Five of his seven catches also went for touchdowns.  Schoen now has 343 yards receiving this season for Lakeside.

We will announce the winners each week. Remember, you can nominate an athlete from any school sport.