11.18.2021 - [NCKS]

The members of the Beloit Trojan Football Offensive Line have been named the Telephone and Cable Athletes of the Week.

The Beloit Offensive Line has done an outstanding job this regular season and postseason in helping guide a very potent rushing attack for the Trojans.  The group up front has paved the way for just under 3,000 rushing yards and 39 TD as a team in 2021.  The Beloit backs are averaging 265.5 rushing yards per game and 5.8 yards per carry this season.  In Beloit's 32-27 win over Hillsboro this past Friday night, the Beloit o-line cleared the path for 342 yards on 65 carries, good for 5.3 yards per carry.  All of Beloit's yards were on the ground on Friday night.  The players on the Beloit offensive line include: Wesley Adolph, Cameron Konkel, Gage Robinson, Brody Widrig, Grady Seyfert,  & Parker Isbell. Extensions of that offensive line who block quite often as well are tight ends Maddox Waters, Brennan Walker, & Jackson Rexroat along with running backs Caylen Chancellor and Braden Burks. 

We will announce the winners each week. Remember, you can nominate an athlete from any school sport.